Scott Whittaker, Partner

Scott Whittaker of Bill Gross Marine, Inc. Our long-term collaboration with Scott Whittaker also allows us to access the expertise and services of Whittaker Marine. With more than 30 years of international experience as a Captain, including countless miles underway on an impressive range of vessels, both under sail and power, Scott is also a trusted consultant with a large network of industry contacts.

In addition, Scott's marine history includes many years of managing vessel operations, supervising special projects, coordinating extensive technical repairs and organizing ongoing boat maintenance and storage. His services cover multiple aspects of the yacht business, including:

  • Private Captain
  • Industry Consultant
  • Project Supervisor
  • Buyer’s Agent
  • Marine Operations Manager

Scott Whittaker's integrity and skills speak volumes to those seeking to entrust their boats and operations to BGM. Scott offers his services to Bill Gross Marine, Inc. clients in whatever combination that may be required.

For further information on Scott, visit his website - Yacht Integration